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take five and thrive

I relocated my professional home this year and with this move I joined a new group of colleagues and friends. I cherish the times when we come together as a group and share matters related to our work, space, plans and concerns. I especially like the ritual of beginning each meeting with a centering practice. As a group we share a few minutes, not more than five really, of silence. From this practice I have made some very significant more…

talk yourself toward health

My children are always teasing me about the importance I place on word choices. My philosophy is that the words we use impact our feelings and behaviors so I want to make the most of every thought and statement. I want to choose the self-talk that will help me reach my goals and enrich my life. I want the language to be a reflection of what I want and need most.

I had the privilege of witnessing a conversation that I felt beautifully illustrated this more…

random acts of loving kindness

I am continually inspired by women’s abilities to practice random and consistent acts of loving kindness toward the bodies of others, be it their gal pals, children, or total strangers. So often when it comes down to body (self) love, judgment gets in the way and blocks our ability to shower or even sprinkle love and acceptance on our bodies.

I remember very clearly experiencing my body differently when I became pregnant. My body became a sacred space not completely familiar though natural and special. I discovered myself in a very different relationship with my body as I began a relationship with the child I was carrying. I practiced a gentle loving kindness toward her (my body) like none I had ever experienced. I noticed it in the way I practiced self care in so many of my daily life choices; rest, touch, play, food, pleasure of many sorts, and especially compassion. In a way, my body was my child and my child was my body. This experience gave me a touchstone to return to over and over as I strengthened my ability to love and accept my body even after my more…

stop the body commentary, please

At a recently attended gathering, I couldn’t help but notice the conversation regularly flowed to body comments; some personal, others toward public figures, some just global and all as I remember judgmental.

My greeting to one guest was met by a strong gaze at my chest accompanied by the comment: “you look robust ”. Robust? Really? And that means what? Is this a compliment or a judgment and by the way, why are you commenting on my chest? A simple hello would have more…

expanding your comfort zone

Most of us carry beliefs about ourselves and our bodies. While these beliefs can provide safety and comfort they can also confine us in rigid patterns that do not allow experimentation and exploration leading to discoveries about our selves, bodies and lives.

I love to wear scarves. I enjoy the colors, patterns and textures of these scarves and wear them during most seasons…sometimes even in the summer to cut the cold I experience from air conditioning. I did not always wear scarves. I started experimenting with scarves following the start of a friendship with a woman who wore them. I loved how she looked and though I did not see myself as a “scarf person” I wondered if I could be. Of course I could be; anybody can!read more…

thanksgiving body blessing

thank you body
for your gifts
of breath
a sense of being
present in the moment
thank you body
for your gifts of
as I move
joy, pain, fear, hope…read more…

shake, rattle, and roll

I find it fascinating when women lament the absence of exercise in their lives. They tell me they are not exercising, that they don’t or can’t get themselves to the gym, and almost always add some deprecating body comments or criticisms. (These same women describe feeling better about their bodies and toward their bodies and themselves when they “exercise” regardless of any actual discernible differences).

When I ask them to tell me about their lives and they describe the many ways in which they are active I wonder why they don’t view their activity as exercise. They are moving! Moving is exercise. Exercise is more…

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